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Licensed Realtor®

It all started on a show of couples looking for a home, and Jeanne and her family found Austin, Texas. Jeanne is originally from California. Eight years ago, her husband decided to retire and sell their home. While prepping their home to go on the market in Culver City, California, they took a 1-week trip to Austin and fell in love. 

Jeanne earned her real estate license in December 2019 but fell in love with Real Estate in 2016. Jeanne worked on a project with an investor in Austin and was thrown into managing the entire project and overseeing everything from the interior design to the actual build of the duplex to be sold on the market. Real estate captured her attention and fell completely in love with the intimacy of it all. Everything from picking out the lighting and paint colors to hunting through hundreds of plumbing fixtures to find the perfect one. She has a background in Administration and Bookkeeping, which helps her navigate her clients when it comes to Real Estate. 

Jeanne is all about family, and friendships that turn into family. The hard work her parents have instilled in her has carried on with her and has so much gratitude for the many people she has met in her life who have become a part of her life. When Jeanne isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

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